McGuire Fine Arts Presents Sculptor, Julio César Díaz

11 Apr McGuire Fine Arts Presents Sculptor, Julio César Díaz

Julio César Díaz was born in Puerto Rico in 1944. He studied at the University of Puerto Rico where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sculpture. He served in the U.S. Army and on his return from Vietnam, he embarked on a career in advertising and graphic arts.

He never strayed, however, from his love of sculpture in his spare time. He also taught at the San Juan Students Art League and gave private lessons from his home on modeling and casting.

After experimenting with varied media, Julio chose wood for his sculptural work. Mahogany, cedar, mahoe and other native woods are his favorite which have inspired organic forms and natural moments like sunsets and phases of the moon.

For Julio, every work made from wood must be perfectly finished to obtain its utmost potential color, texture and grain. All these he considers as important as the final form of the artwork. Julio has participated in collective and individual exhibits in the largest galleries of Puerto Rico. His works are found in prestigious collections like those of Banco Popular (PR’s largest bank), Luis Ayala in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Otto Reyes, architect.